Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require not only action from nations, but financing. However, the annual financing gap to achieve the SDGs by 2030 is $2.5 trillion, and achieving a low-carbon energy transition could cost anywhere from $1.6 trillion to $3.8 trillion annually. Mobilizing investments from the private sector is essential for achieving the SDGs and creating a better, more sustainable world.

P4G bridges the gap between development and investment agendas, turning ideas and commitments into concrete, inclusive and transformation solutions on the ground that mobilize investments from the private sector to deliver impact. P4G mobilizes a global ecosystem of 12 partner countries, five organizational partners and more than 240 private sector and civil society groups. This work unlocks opportunities for more than 50 partnerships clustering around themes in food and agriculture, water, energy, cities and circular economy.

One partnership alone will not deliver transformative change in this decade of action. That’s why P4G has systematically built a pipeline of more than 50 innovative and commercially-viable partnerships to deliver impact on the ground and make progress on climate action targets. This partnership pipeline clusters around four themes, each of which align with a key global campaign or coalition:

  • Energy transition
  • Zero Waste Green Industry
  • Food & Agricultural Value Chain
  • Digital Solutions for Water

Investors are attracted to this approach due to the potential to scale, deliver impact and diversify risk. It allows for more focused growth and learning among partnerships with successful business models in the same space.

This approach also benefits country partners, as P4G collaborates with national platforms to align these emerging themes with their key national priorities. P4G co-creates and accelerates innovative partnerships within these themes with a focus on mobilizing investments that can deliver impact in developing countries. Through an engaged global ecosystem, P4G strengthens these partnerships into investment-ready propositions.

Photo Credit: David Dodge at GreenEnergyFutures/Flickr.