Our Approach to Tackling the World’s Greatest Challenges

Count It, Change It, Scale It

Our View of the World

Over the last two decades, the world has witnessed remarkable progress on human development— reduced poverty, extended life expectancy, lower maternal mortality, and expanded children’s education. But these improvements have been far too slow and too inequitable. Moreover, human behavior is degrading natural resources at an unsustainable rate. 

At WRI, we believe there’s a better way. A better future is possible

With focused effort and bold action, we can drive systemic change that will improve lives, drive economic growth, reduce inequity, and ensure the natural world can thrive.

Our work is guided by our strategic plan, Delivering Impact at Scale (2018-2022), which lays out our vision of a better future.

Count It

We start with data and conduct rigorous research, and communicate our findings in a compelling ways. Our peer-reviewed research is held to academic standards of excellence, and we are committed to open data. 


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Change It

We work with companies, cities and countries to test solutions on the ground. We focus relentlessly on impact, tracking and sharing our Top Outcomes every year. 


A woman paints pedestrian lanes on a road in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Victor Moriyama/WRI Brasil
Scale It

We mobilize coalitions of leaders and work with a wide array of partners to put the world on a more sustainable path. Through ongoing political engagement and strategic outreach, we create positive change in the world.

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