Size: 1.05 square kilometers
Key partners: Secretaría Distrital de Movilidad/District Secretariat of Mobility, Residents of Samoré, Local Schools, Businesses, Restaurants, Parish, El Carmen Hospital

WRI collaborated with the District Mobility Secretariat to implement a 30-kilometer per hour low-speed zone in an area known for its high traffic fatalities and injuries. WRI and staff from the District Mobility Secretariat selected the Tunjuelito location from among 20 priority locations due to the high number of traffic crash fatalities in the area, especially among children in the school zone.

Traffic calming pilot project in Bogota

A series of traffic-calming measures were proposed along six blocks in the neighborhood. In December 2018, traffic calming measures were implemented with cones, reflective tape, chalk and paint to improve the visibility of the new infrastructure, including around the school zone. Positive results secured community and city support for medium-term measures, which were implemented using paint, durable plastic bollards and lane segregation.

Permanent traffic calming measure in Bogota

The project implemented chicanes, narrowed roads, added chokers and extended curbs at intersections to improve pedestrian visibility and reduce vehicle speeds. Parking was added on two-way streets to narrow lane widths and all measures were accompanied by traffic signs and pavement markings.


  • Driver compliance with posted speed limits rose from 29% to 86% in the area, and from 36% to 97% in front of the school.
  • 90% of adults surveyed felt safer during their journeys.
  • 86% of minors surveyed felt safer during their journeys.
  • 435 children participated in the event held during the International Road Safety Week to generate awareness of road crashes as a major public health problem, and on speed as a risk factor in our communities.

Safer Streets with the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety is part of our WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.