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Margaret was raised on a large cow calf operation in central Nevada purchased by her parents, Wayne and Jean Hage in 1978. Her family experienced unprecedented regulatory pressures that eventually led to Hage v. United States, the first federal lands grazing case filed in the United States Court of Federal Claims.
Margaret has helped train, guide and advise elected leaders for the purpose of coordinating land use planning and management activities with federal and state agencies. She has guided and participated in numerous government-to-government coordination meetings dealing with a variety of issues including federal resource management plans, endangered species, transportation corridors, power lines, high speed rail and many other concerns. Additionally, she has helped local governments develop natural resource plans and specific policies for the purpose of conveying to federal and state agencies the local needs and priorities to be coordinated.
Margaret holds a Bachelors degree in English and Music received from the College of Idaho. She is married to Dan Byfield, CEO of ASL, and has one daughter and three step children.

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American Stewards of Liberty

Fred Kelly Grant gained a healthy respect for the Constitution of the United States of America during his early school years in Hartsville, South Carolina and Nampa, Idaho and from parents and brothers and sisters who loved this country. Early on he decided that history, and particularly constitutional history, had his deep interest and early on he intended to be Governor of Idaho. His career would always continue his love for history and the Constitution but would forever remove any idea of elected office because too much personal belief had to give in a position that served all kinds and all kinds of beliefs.
At a time when he should have been considering retirement he took up the cause of ranchers, farmers, loggers, miners and those who enjoy recreation in the great outdoors of the western states. Coordination and the empowerment of local government for the people has dominated his work for the past two decades and he considers it important enough that at 81 he has undertaken the largest project of his life: establishment of funding for the Americans’ Institute for Coordination.

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Stand And Fight Club
Bill Harvey and his wife of 30 years, Lorrie, live on a small ranch at the base of the Elkhorn Mountains in Baker County. With the 35 years’ experience as an independent business owner of Bill Harvey Custom Builder. Inc, along with 12 years on the Baker County Planning Commission, Bill was elected as the Baker County Commission Chair in 2014.
This vote of confidence by voters has allowed him to fight for the rights of the people against the overreach of the Federal Government. Bill states, “It is my job as your County Commission Chair to stand up and protect what is already yours to begin with.” Bill encourages Federal and State agencies to work with Baker County and its Natural Resources plan as they try to bring economic stability back to Baker County. Bill uses Coordination in Baker County to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens he represents.